Midwest Miniature Guy

Finely hand painted miniatures and illustrations.


Quotes Both hubs and I are astounded with the quality of workmanship that went into our figures, the attention to detail in the painting and the great sealing of overall product ie no sticky spots. We will be ordering from again. Quotes
Rhonda Koti
President, Book and CD Hut

Quotes Twice now, I have requested miniatures painted in the likeness of characters I was playing at the time. Tom's knowledge of the various miniature sculptures gives him a great eye for the perfectly posed figure from which to paint. What impressed me most was the detail of each figure, particularily when I asked him for a particular eye color on one of them! The layerings and shades made them seem almost real and I know that I'll be coming back to him with my next project in mind. Quotes
Harvey Kern
Happy Customer

Quotes I've seen Tom's work before and was always impressed... But the work he did for me was jaw-dropping! Every one of these miniatures I sent him was given a life like realism that was magnified and enhanced by his use of color, shading and washes. Warm colors "popped", dark colors looked smoky and the metal work even had a hint of tarnish that spojke of hard use... I was simply floored. He made them exactly to the specifications I asked for and then some. I'm certain I'll be farming out all of my future work to this guy... He definitely knows his craft well! Quotes
Cian Conlow
Satisfied Customer!

Quotes "Tom has brought his ready-to-play artwork to the big leagues: Gen Con. Last year I ordered an assembly of mini's to take with me to Gen Con So.Cal 2004 in Anaheim California. They were a hit! Having excellent visual representation of the PC's as we played over the four days of hardcore gaming made my sessions more memorable for the players... which is my sincere goal as a Gen Con GM. I want my games to be the very best they can be. I want my players to talk about my games long after they go home. This means preparation and for mini's, I go to Tom and Midwest Miniature Guy. For 2005's convention I'll be bringing a new set of special ops agents for one of my d20 Modern games. I can't wait to see the operatives, painted to my specifications! -- Peter, San Jose CA" Quotes
P. Andrada
GenCon SoCal

Quotes Tom, Thanks so much for the dragon--you've outdone yourself. A true masterpiece, by far my favorite by powers of ten. You obviously put a bit of time into this one, and I very much appreciate it. The way you painted the bones is too cool. Thanks again, Michael Quotes
Michael L.
Thanks For the Dragon!"

Quotes "As a proud owner of several of Tom Nelson's original works, I can say I rank them among my most treasured material possessions. These brilliantly conceived and masterfully executed miniatures are a testimony to Tom's craftsmanship and artistry. As an eye surgeon, I spend a considerable amount of time performing delicate tasks under a microscope. This has allowed me to develop a keen appreciation for meticulous attention to detail, and in this regard, Tom has few peers. Technically, even without the use of magnifying aids, his works are flawless. Artistically, Tom's gifts are apparent as one appreciates the lifelike realism he brings to his miniatures. I look forward to following this young artist's career with great anticipation." Michael Lins, M.D. Quotes
Michael Lins MD
"My Most Treasured Possessions"